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A Week of Small Gestures Aims for Lasting Kindness

By March 8, 2024March 10th, 2024No Comments

The “Keep It Kind” campaign, which ran for a week in February, aimed to weave a tapestry of goodwill and generosity among local businesses, nonprofits and residents of Park City.

How did it go?

“People were really excited, and I think overall, people feel that this is a pretty kind place to live, but what goes along with that is the energy that already exists here, highlighting it and bringing it to the forefront, people really got behind it,” said the organizer, Caren Bell of Kept Current, a community calendar website.

The campaign in line with Random Acts of Kindness Week, which ended Feb. 20, highlighted acts of kindness and rewards for such neighborly behavior from local businesses.

Bell said the campaign was not merely a local event but part of a broader movement aimed at transforming simple gestures into a fun, engaging, and community-wide celebration of kindness in Park City. People took up the opportunity to spread kindness in diverse ways — from volunteering and assisting neighbors to buying coffee for strangers or giving an extra tip in the form of a gift card in addition to money.

A highlight of the campaign was the community giveaway. Twenty-six businesses contributed to give away packages.

“It made me feel good that the businesses cared about what it was about,” Bell said. “They cared because the values were aligned. I feel like next year there are things that can make it bigger and better with this momentum.”

Education played a role, too, with “Keep It Kind” focusing on enlightening the community about the profound impact of kindness. The initiative encouraged everyone to engage in kind acts with friends, family and colleagues, adding a layer of fun and playfulness to the act of giving.

Social media served as a platform for participation, enabling residents and visitors to connect with the campaign by following Kept Current and participating businesses on Instagram. The initiative asked participants to share their stories of kindness, thereby amplifying the campaign’s message and reach.

According to Bell, the involvement of local businesses was instrumental. Their participation extended well beyond business promotion, underscoring dedication to enriching the Park City community.

Random Acts of Kindness Week Winners, by Instagram names:

 @jessika.brick — $100 Gift Certificate from Sterling Steak & Lounge; $25 Gift Certificate + $25 of Free Product & Consultation with CBD Expert from Hemped; $100 Yoga & Sound Bath Session with Ashley Battersby on 2/29 @ her Coalville location Signed Copy of Leading with Light from Plenty; 1 Bottle of Nourishing Face Oil from Avoila 2x $50 Gift Certificates to The Egyptian

@allisonblakewilliams — 1 Free Wine Down yoga class @ Sage Mountain Sanctuary; 1 Free Art Consultation for a PC resident @ Gallery MAR;  1 Free Wine Tasting class for 2 @ Fox School of Wine; 2 Flex Passes good for 4 classes @ Beau Collective; $140 Gift Certificate @ Dos Olas; 1 Bottle of Avoila Nourishing Face Oil

@jamboree619 — 1 Customized Fitness Experience w/Stoke Coach + 1 Month access to Hybrid Online Training;  1 Free Meeting Space @ Newpark Resort ; 1 60 Minute Spiritual Life Coaching Session or 1 Free Cacao w/ Sound Event;  1 Free Primary Prime IV or upgrade to Premium Drip;  1 Free Wine Tasting class for 2 @ Fox School of Wine; 1 $300 Gift Certificate for Kita

@johannagundlach — $50 EPC Gift Certificate from Hyatt Centric ; 2 Free Yoga Classes @ The Shop; 1 Free Cooking Class @ Mindful Cuisine; 1 Free 90 Minute HBOT session (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) Energy 4 Life Center; 2x $50 Certificates to Egyptian Theatre

@kels_christi — 1 Garden Plot @ Summit Community Gardens + EATS + 1 Free Gardening Class;  5 Pack of Yoga Classes from Enlighten;  $100 Gift Certificate from Midway Mercantile; 1 Emergency Shopping Trip (in PC) from InsideOUTFIT w/ Diana Heather;  1 50 minute full body session @Stretch Lab; 1 bottle of Nourishing Face Oil from Avoila

Grand Prize Winner: @insta_amy — 1 Free Night Stay at the Pendry Park City w/ breakfast


Article source: Park Record