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ArgentaWorks Goggle Launch

Give the Gift of Goggles this Season & Support Local A Local Business

This holiday season, elevate your gift-giving with ArgentaWorks, Park City’s newest ski and snowboard goggle brand, and Kept Current’s latest partner. Born from a love for the mountains, ArgentaWorks’ products cater to the serious skier and snowboarder. They offer versatile goggles with interchangeable lenses for changing light conditions, customizable straps, stylish neck gaiters, and very cool packaging that helps prevent scratching.

Park City’s very own Garen Riedel, the brand’s founder, alongside his loyal and adorable dog Glacier, have rigorously tested these goggles across Utah’s varied terrains, achieving the remarkable feat of skiing every month for the past year. Supporting ArgentaWorks means supporting a local entrepreneur and Kept Current too, since we get a kickback.

Get a 10% discount on all ArgentaWorks orders with code: KeptCurrent. Discover their range and stay updated with the latest releases by following @argentaworks on Instagram. COST: $199

Luke 'Lupe' Hagearty's Pangea Film Tour @ Waldorf Astoria Park City

Friday, December 1, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

Catch Lupe Hagearty’s compelling new documentary, ski films by  Carson Sharp and Sam Belanger-Dallaire, and a host of exclusive giveaways. Enjoy athlete appearances, free signed posters, and delicious food courtesy of The Waldorf Astoria. Directed by Ethan Herman, ‘Lupe’ showcases the journey of pro-skier Lupe Hagearty against the backdrop of personal challenges and career triumphs. Don’t miss this inspiring and action-packed evening!

Outdoor Adventures with Wild Women Tribe

December 2 & 9 from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Embrace the season of gratitude with Wild Women Tribe through two empowering adventures:

  • December 2: Exploring Comfort Zones Begin your journey with a mindful hike and connect with the stories you tell yourself. Dive into a Wim Hof breathwork session led by certified instructor Jeremy Wilstein, followed by an invigorating cold water plunge. Recharge with lunch and a yoga flow practice guided by Molly Craig at Yoga Mastery Institute. Finally, seal your day with a sacred cacao ceremony that will remind you of the power within you.December 9: Gratitude & Intentions Commence your day with a mindful hike and reflect on stories that shape your life. Then, tap into your creativity by crafting a glass-blown orb to encapsulate your dreams and intentions. Conclude this transformative journey with a writing workshop and a yoga flow session at Enlighten Wellness, led by Anne Sargent. Gain fresh perspectives on language’s impact on your outlook and equip yourself with tools to reframe your life through the power of words. Embrace the new season, craft a new story, and become a new you.