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Hey, Friends –

If you’ve been enjoying what Kept Current has been up to and you’d like to help us engage even more deeply with our community, your support would be fantastic. Rest assured, the content will always be free for you to read, but producing it isn’t without costs.

We’ve bootstrapped Kept Current for the past year, motivated by our love for this community and a vision of what we can create together. If you’re able to support us financially, that’s incredible and deeply appreciated. But if you can’t, that’s completely fine—your ongoing engagement is already a huge gift to us.

As a token of gratitude, everyone who donates each month will be entered into a giveaway. We’re talking free tickets, gift cards, and other unique experiences that I haven’t thought of yet. I’m not a 501 c3 so you can’t write it off, but your contribution will be well-spent and deeply appreciated.

We see this as a marathon, not a sprint. The focus has always been to create something of value for our community, rather than chasing quick cash. If you resonate with this ethos and you’re interested in amplifying the good we can do together, your support acts as an investment in the community at large. Together, we can build something bigger and more impactful than I could ever do alone.

Thanks for your support in whatever form that takes. 


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